Popular Products For Seniors

Everyone wants naturally gorgeous senior pictures right? But one thing people forget about is what to do with all these images. Everyone says they want the digitals but what are you really using them for besides a quick share on social media?

Signature Image Box- Anna Graf Photography, Portland, Oregon

Over the past few years, I’ve tweaked what I offer for seniors pictures. I like to offer a mix of wall art, gift prints, specialty items, and albums. For the Class of 2020, the two most popular products have been the Signature Image Box and the Parent Album.

The Signature Image box is fantastic because it’s this adorable lil box filled with your favorite prints. It looks super cute on a bookshelf and I know many of my seniors in the past have taken this to college. Plus I love that there’s just a little bit of room inside for keepsakes from senior year.

The Parent Album is the perfect size at 8×8. You’ll pick your 20 favorite images, it’s harder than it sounds, and you’ll have a gorgeous album for your coffee table!

Album-Anna Graf Photography-Portland, Oregon

I’m offering a new product only to AGP clients. The Yearbook is PERFECT for seniors that want a book that tells their story. Teens love taking pictures with friends at big events throughout the school year so let’s create a special book, that showcases all of your senior year!

If you’re a Class of 2020 senior you can pre-pay for a significant discount or wait until September 2020 to purchase for the full price.

Let’s tell your story, through your images.

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