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Health and Safety At Your Photoshoot


Many clients have been asking what I’m doing to ensure their health and safety at photoshoots so I thought I would put it all together in an easy to find blog post for you!

At Your Photoshoot

I am fully vaccinated, boosted, and continue to wear a mask when I go out in public. I would rather be extra cautious than taking the risk.

If we are in the studio I will be wearing an n95, if we are outdoors I will assess if it is safe enough to remove my mask. If you are in the photos you don’t need to wear a mask but will need to wear one to enter the studio building and potentially between locations. Anyone coming to help at your photoshoot should have a mask with them.

After Your Photoshoot

Depending on your session, we will either have a Virtual Zoom Reveal or I will set up an online gallery for you.

I hope this eases your mind about what to expect at a photoshoot with Anna Graf Photography. If you have more q’s email me at hello@annagraf.com

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