Class of 2025

book before june 1st

to save up to $200 off your session fee for summer and fall dates!

Class of 2025

booking summer and fall

Class of 2025 the calendar is open and if you book before June 1st you can earn some amazing bonuses! Scroll down to read all about them and be sure to reach out before June 1st to save!

Senior portraits with Anna Graf Photography are more than a snapshot. These are portraits that you will love showing friends and family. And cherish for years to come.

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To capture this time, you need an experienced photographer

My high school years were tough as a quiet, shy, and socially awkward teen. I vividly remember wanting senior pictures but being terrified that they wouldn’t turn out as beautiful as my friend’s pictures. Thankfully I had a wonderful photographer who helped me prepare for what to bring, how to pose, and helped my family pick the best images after the session. It was a wonderful experience that I still remember decades later. I want this for each of my seniors as well! Whether you are super excited for this experience or dreading it, we’ll work together!

class of 2025 early booking bonuses you can earn!

Class of 2025 Senior Pictures Bonuses with Anna Graf Photography

$100 off session fee

Book before June 1st for your summer or fall senior session and get $100 off the session fee!

extra $100 off session fee

Book before June 1st AND snag one of the few remaining dates in June or July to get early season savings for a total of $100 off your session fee!

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refer a friend

Refer a friend who books senior pictures with me and you’ll get a FREE BFF Mini Session or Cap and Gown Session next Spring before graduation ($299 value)

For the Class of 2025 we have SEVERAL sessions to choose from!

The Custom Senior Session is the ULTIMATE senior portrait session. We’ll design your dream session together! You’ll get an hour in the NW Portland studio for something creative or totally unique that we could only do in a studio AND an hour at the location of your choice from my location guide! This session is a collaboration of creativity to showcase YOU and I just LOVE when seniors choose this session!

The custom senior Session


  • 1 hour session in the NW Portland Studio
  • 1 hour session at one of my favorite locations around Portland and SW (you’ll choose)
  • What to Wear Guide
  • Four to six outfit changes
  • Posing Guidance at your photoshoot
  • Online Gallery to view your images and choose your fav
  • Add on Professional Hair and makeup for an additional fee
  • The session fee does not include images or products. Minimum purchase required.

The Simple Senior Session is the most popular session for seniors. Currently booking for June through November. You’ll get my What to Wear Guide so you have an idea of what to look for in outfits. At your photoshoot I’ll guide you through poses, help with outfit and accessory selection, and in an hour, you’re all done! After your session, you’ll get a link to an online gallery to choose your favorite images and order your prints, wall art, and more.

The Simple Senior Session

$299 Session Fee

  • 1-hour photoshoot
  • Choose from my favorite locations around Portland and SW
  • What to Wear Guide
  • Three outfit changes
  • Reminder email with checklist
  • Posing guidance at your photoshoot
  • Online gallery to view your images and place your order
  • The session fee does not include images or products. Minimum purchase required.

The Senior Mini Session is all about getting a great yearbook image or the perfect grad portrait for your grad cards. This session has set dates, times and locations so reach out early to choose which session and location you’d prefer. There will be 2 dates in May before graduation. If you want a more custom mini-session, grab 2 more friends and book back-to-back minis! We’ll even find time to get a few of you all together! This is perfect in the Spring to do a bff session too! The ONE Fall date will be announced in late July, be sure to let me know if you want one of these quick sessions for a killer yearbook image!

The Senior Mini Session


  • This session has set dates, times, and locations
  • 15-20min session
  • What to Wear Guide
  • One outfit
  • Posing Guidance at your photoshoot
  • Online Gallery to view your images and choose your fav
  • The session fee does not include images or products. Minimum purchase required.

The Studio Senior Session are booking for December, January and February 2025! You’ll have a fantastic senior portrait session without worrying about the weather happening outside! The studio is located in NW Portland, about 20 mins from Beaverton and has free parking. Your one-hour photoshoot starts with hanging your outfits in the changing area, a quick chat about sets and backdrops and we’ll get started! I’ll pose you the whole time and chat with you while we’re taking pictures to get a variety of expressions. We’ll change up your outfits, backdrops, and sets so your final gallery will have tons of variety for you to choose from. The studio is a great place to bring props! If you have a collection of books, trophies, or even shoes! I want to personalize your session as much as possible so let me know if you have any ideas in advance! I can’t wait!

studio senior session

$299 Session Fee

  • 1hr photoshoot
  • NW Portland Studio
  • What to Wear Guide
  • Three outfit and set changes
  • Add on professional hair and makeup
  • Reminder email with checklist
  • Posing guidance at your photoshoot
  • Online gallery to view your images and place your order
  • The session fee does not include images or products. Minimum purchase required.

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In the Portland area, you want to book your senior pictures for the summer BEFORE senior year.

We do this for 2 reasons… it’s the BEST weather we’ve got and your yearbook submission will be due sometime in the fall.

Every year I get a flood of emails the first week of school. By then it’s too late. I’m usually fully booked for seniors by the beginning of August.

Reach out to me through Get Info For Your Photoshoot and be sure to select your senior class. You’ll get an automated email with all the details and a link to the Senior Portrait Magazine.

When you are ready to book a date, hit reply to an email and I’ll send you an email with a link to the booking calendar. You’ll need a parent to sign the standard contract and pay the session fee. Once those are taken care of, you’re booked!

I want you to see yourself in your images so I like to keep my editing natural and true to life colors.

Everyone has a different comfort level with editing so I will talk to you about how much editing you’d like to see in your images. Every finished image gets my portrait edit. This includes brightening eyes, whitening teeth and removing anything distracting from the image.

Senior portraits are an investment. The session fee and collections can be found in The Senior Portrait Magazine. The Custom Senior Session has a session fee of $499 and a minimum purchase of $1500. The Simple Senior Session has a session fee of $299 and a minimum purchase of $600.

You aren’t alone! This can feel like a big deal and it’s one of the reasons you should book with a photographer that has experience with senior pictures. These are more than just “pretty” pictures. Even if you don’t know what that is yet, we’ll figure it out together!

Of course! I offer all the digitals in the top and middle collections. Flip through The Senior Portrait Magazine to see the full-price list and collections that are offered.

I LOVE finding locations that will give your images the look and feel you want. I’ve lived in the Portland area my whole life so I know a ton of spots that are great for pictures.

Want a country rustic look? Or graffiti and the city as a backdrop? Or maybe a mix of nature and city? I know a ton of great spots!

This is one of the top q’s from every client so I’ve got you! You’ll get a What To Wear Guide that helps you figure out what to choose from your closet or what to shop for.

If you book the Custom Senior Session a week or so before your photoshoot we’ll do a quick zoom to chat about your outfits, accessories and props so you feel confident about your choices!

The Senior Portrait Magazine is a digital magazine with all the details about a senior portrait session with Anna Graf Photography.

You’ll find images, the two session options, testimonials, the full pricelist, and what to expect. I highly recommend going through it with your parent to ensure I’m the right photographer for you.

You’ll get a link to The Senior Portrait Magazin when you inquire at Get Info For Your Photoshoot and select your class.

You might be wondering…

Let me know you want to book and I’ll send over the link to the calendar with available dates.

This will take you through the standard contract that needs to be signed by a parent or guardian. If you are under 18 you cannot sign the contract for yourself. It will then have you pay the session fee. Once both are taken care of, you’re booked!

The session fee doesn’t include any images or products, that will be decided on and purchased after you view your images at your Digital Reveal and Ordering Session.

Of course! Professional hair and makeup are included with the Custom Senior Session. But if you’d prefer to not have hair and makeup let me know so we can better plan your session.

EVERY senior gets at least one new zit the day of their shoot. Don’t worry about it at all. One click and it’s gone from your images. If you have more cystic acne and would like it removed from your final images, just let me know when we talk about how much editing you’d like. It’s not a problem at all.

Love it! One of the q’s I ask when we’re planning your Custom Senior Session is if you’d like to include any special people in your session. Then I’ll add them to your custom timeline so you can let them know when and where to show up.

This is how we can include your important people and pets but still keep the shoot all about you! If you’ve chosen the Simple Senior Session we can include a parent that comes with you to the session.

Depending on the time of year, your final edits can be done within a week or if it’s my busy season it can be up to a month. Another reason to get your senior pictures done in the summer, you’ll have them for #seniorsunday when school starts!

As soon as a week after your Custom Senior Session we can schedule your Digital Reveal and Ordering Session. This is when you’ll get to see all your images and place your order. You’ll want to have your parents and all decision-makers available for this zoom meeting. I’ll take you through the whole process so you feel supported in choosing your images and products.

For the Simple Senior Session, you’ll get a link to an online gallery about two weeks after your session. You’ll get to view all your images and place your order.

Every school has a different deadline and process for submission. Most schools will let you know the first few weeks of school. I will have your deadline on my calendar and will follow up with you a few weeks before the deadline.

If you choose the Custom Senior Session, I will submit your image for you and copy you on all communication so you know it was sent in on time. I always suggest checking in with the yearbook staff a few weeks after the deadline to ensure they got it and have your name correct.

Every May I offer Cap and Gown Mini Sessions for my seniors and it’s a great time to order Graduation items as well! Offer a range of custom grad cards and yard signs to celebrate your accomplishment!

I offer all of my senior clients the opportunity to set up a pre-payment plan for their collection.

You’ll decide which collection and let me know if you’d like to pay biweekly or monthly. Most parents choose this option to make this experience more affordable and you’ll get some extra perks as well!

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Book your senior pictures in the Spring of your Junior year.  Senior pictures in Portland, Oregon are booked for June-early November.  Popular dates are in August and September the year before you graduate.