The Ultimate Senior Portrait Guide

It’s the end of January but high school juniors *should* be starting their search for a photographer for senior pictures! I know, I know, it seems too early. But really, the senior picture season is so short that if you want to find the photographer’s style that you like, that is in your budget and has availability…you can’t start searching too early!

I’ve been doing senior pictures since 2011 and every year I said I will write down all of my knowledge for parents and teenagers to help them prepare and finally I did it! The Ultimate Senior Portrait Guide has so much info inside to help you know how to navigate this important right of passage. You’ll want to flip through this BEFORE you book so you’ll have an idea of what month, what to expect for pricing and so much more.

FAQ-Senior Picture Info for Parents-ClassOf2024-AnnaGrafPhotography

I hope you’ll join my VIP List to get a copy of the guide. You’ll also get monthly emails from me on what’s happening at AGP. I specialize in senior pictures but I also do professional headshots, family portraits, and school portraits for small private schools.

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