Where are we going?

One of my most favorite parts of being a senior portrait photographer is planning your photoshoot. And one of the best ways to customize your session is to get to know you. Before your shoot, we’ll meet up for coffee, boba or even a zoom chat. I’ll ask all about your vision for your senior pictures. And yes, you might not even know exactly what you want. It’s my job to ask a ton of questions, give you options and then plan your dream senior photoshoot!

So where are we gonna go? I get so excited to plan sessions because I LOVE finding new and unique locations that fit my seniors. Some seniors really want nature in their backdrops, some want nature but no flowers, or really want a wheat field but not a forest. Asking q’s and getting to know you is how I’ll figure out the best locations for you. And even after our get-together, I’ll go take pics and videos of the locations for you to feel confident in your choices. I think that is so important!

This is what makes my senior portrait sessions different. I don’t have set locations for you to choose from. Yes, I know tons of great spots in and around the city, but I want the locations to feel unique, just like you. Some photographers choose to go to the same park over and over or have a couple for you to choose from. My sessions are different because I want to customize the session to fit your vision for your images.

Some seniors want to include friends for a bit of their shoot, so finding a place that is easily accessible to most with a great backdrop is the target. Others want to include their dog, so we’ll need to find a location that works for dogs. Some seniors want their parents or grandparents in a few pics, so I want to coordinate that to ensure we have a location with easy access.

There are so many factors that go into choosing locations for photoshoots. Often seniors will think about the most popular spots in Portland. The Rose Garden or Tilikum Bridge and yes, those can be fantastic, but they can also be hard to get to. I love finding spots that aren’t as well known, a parking garage with stunning views, a hotel courtyard, a garage door, or a hidden rose garden in the middle of the city. I want YOU to be the standout in your images, not the location.

I’m so excited for the Class of 2023! Sessions are booking for summer and fall now! If you want more info on a senior portrait session with me, click here to read more. Or fill out Get Info For Your Photoshoot and be sure to select Class of 2023 to get an automated email with tons of info! I can’t wait to hear where YOU want to go for your senior pictures!

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