Now booking Fall 2024 for small private schools in the Portland Metro Area

Dates available weekday mornings for private schools of 20-200+

I started offering Boutique School portraits in the Fall of 2019 with three schools. Years later, I’m still with those three original schools and have grown to photograph around 1,000 kids in the Portland area every fall. Spring School Pictures are a smaller group, with me returning to a few of my fall schools for a different backdrop option for parents. I photograph small private schools that range from 20 kids up to 200, but with my streamlined processes, I could easily photograph larger schools. The most important part for me is that the kiddos have fun during their picture time. I ask silly questions to get a variety of expressions, I never pose the kids but instead ask that they stand on the T, T for toes cause that’s where they go! My bff for school pictures is a stuffed monkey that is either on my lens or jumping on my head for extra giggles. And when the littles are nervous or scared, a helpful teacher to hold their hand or let the kiddo sit on their lap is always a welcome helper! I just love going to schools year after year and seeing all these kiddos grow from tiny babies that I make silly noises to get their attention, to kids where we have full-on conversations. I just LOVE school pictures!

School Picture Backdrop Options for 2024-AnnaGrafPhotography-School-Photographer-Portland-Oregon

Most parents love the timeless look of the black backdrop, but a few have asked for something different. Now your school will get to choose before picture day. If you are a parent who wants one of the new backdrops, tell your school! I’ll be asking them to decide a few weeks before picture day! And schools, let’s try out one of these new options with your Spring Portraits! I especially love the light beige for a totally different look than the black backdrop.

Frequently Asked Questions…

Boutique school portraits are a custom photography experience for kids attending preschools, kindergartens or private schools in the Portland Metro Area. These portraits are unlike the factory-style school pictures we’ve come to “love”, instead these photos show their real expressions instead of forced smiles. Parents get to choose the images they love from a gallery if images.

With me behind the camera, your child will feel at ease and show some of their real personality. The process will be fun and easy for everyone involved.

There is no cost to the school for photo day. I offer competitive pricing with a variety of prints and digital products that can accommodate every budget. Parents only order what they want with no minimum purchase required. Depending on what the school needs I can also provide staff photos and yearbook images. Please ask for the current season pricing.

Up to around 60 children can be managed in a single day.  For schools with more students multiple days or sessions may be required (please contact me to discuss the size of your student roll).

If you are the parent or administrator, click the button below to fill out a simple form. I’d love to chat about your school!

All school portraits are in landscape orientation to try to get a consistent framing. This is important when a school wants class photos and/or for their yearbook.

If you’d prefer a more traditional orientation, portrait or even a tighter crop, you can change per image as you check out in the online gallery.

For the schools that choose to work with me, I provide a detailed explanation of how everything operates.  I work onsite and provide all the equipment needed for the photo day along with an page on my website with info for families.  I make the process simple and seamless.

My print and digital file services are managed entirely online.  Once the portraits are ready to be viewed families are sent a link to a password-protected ordering gallery.

Each child will receive a minimum of 3 images, presented in both color and black and white.  The family can then choose the portraits they want, as opposed to having one chosen for them.  I provide a range of premium printing options, as well as the opportunity to purchase digital files.  Prints are ordered online and parents choose if they want their order delivered to their home or the school the school.

As a senior and family photographer, I am comfortable working with children of all ages, from toddlers to teens and adults. 

Black has been the color I’ve used for the last 5 years. Starting in 2024, schools will have the option of black, cloudy grey or light beige color backdrops.

I work with each individual school to determine what time during the year works best. Schools with younger ones might like to do Fall, Holidays, and Graduation pictures to show their students growth. And others might just want pictures once per year. We’ll figure out what works best for your families.

Every kid will have a unique access code for their images in the online gallery. This ensures that your kiddos pictures will only be seen by you and the people you choose to share the code with.

I also ask parents to sign a Minor Release form. All of the images you see on my website have given me permission to share. Your kiddos privacy is important to me so even with a release I never share names, schools or any personal details.