How I became a photographer

I’m never sure what to write here. When I read others about me pages they have a whole story about how they’ve held a camera since they could walk and were destined to be an artist. I don’t have that story. I had no idea I would become a photographer or a small business owner. I didn’t pick up a camera until 30. My then boyfriend, now husband, came to pick me up for a date. We were into hiking and he had just got a new camera. So, of course, I played with it the whole time and when our date was over, he went back to his place and the camera stayed at my apartment. I didn’t “steal” it… it just “moved in”. I started photographing plants because I had a jungle on my apartment patio and about a year or so later my best friend mentioned she wanted senior portraits for her daughter. I asked if I could try and this year will be 13 years I’ve been doing senior portraits!

Who I photograph

I am a portrait photographer. This means I don’t photograph weddings or events. I photograph every age from preschoolers to high school seniors, families of all sizes, business professionals, and people of all ages. I love posing people but the best is when you make it your own. I like to let your personality come out and that can be hard if you feel stuck in a pose. But I also know that feeling of not knowing what to do with your body in front of a camera. I’ve seen the power of what a truly great photograph can do for self-esteem and I believe everyone has their own beauty.

What I believe

I believe everyone has beauty within them. Some guard that beauty more fiercely, but it’s my job to bring it out of you and capture it. Then you will see what I see and know that beauty does exist within you.

How about A favorite things list…

Days off…

In my garden

Song on repeat….

Special – Lizzo

Current Obssesion….

doing my own nails

Favorite food…

any type of dumpling from xiaolongbao to gyoza

I spend too much time…

on tiktok

I’m terrified of…


Favorite coffeeshop

Human Bean

Where do I want to travel next?


Have some facts to Share…


Seniors photographed since 2011


Average number of photos taken in a year


Cameras since 2011


Hard drives to hold all the files

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