Top 3 Tips On How to Find a Family Photographer in Portland

Summer flies by with seniors and then I blink and it’s the Fall Family Picture Season in Portland!

We’ve all been there. You realize it’s mid-October and you haven’t booked your Fall/Winter family photoshoot. Cause you HAVE to have an updated picture for the cutest holiday cards….right? Just me?

I know how hard it is to find the right photographer for your family, it’s even harder for me as a photographer! Check out my top 3 tips on how to find a family photographer in Portland!

Tip #1 – Ask a friend! Who have they worked with, who did they love, who did they not love? When you do a google search you’ll find hundreds of photographers, so hearing first hand how the experience was is a great start! For me, a great photographer needs to do more than take a good picture. I want someone that helps me through the entire experience from ease of booking, a what to wear guide or checklist to prepare for the photoshoot, I love extra reminders with all the important info like driving directions and then providing extra service even after the photoshoot.

Tip #2 – Look at more than just the price. There’s no standard for pricing when it comes to photography. One photographer might charge $150 session fee with nothing included and another might charge $1500 for all the digitals. How can you compare the two? You really can’t, so the best tip is to see what is included for the price. If you have a family of 3 and just want something quick and easy, a mini session might be perfect for your family. If you want to include grandparents and have multiple families, you will want to look for a photographer that specializes in generational portraits.

Tip #3 – Follow your potential photographer on social media. One of the things I love about facebook and instagram is that you can get to know people a bit better. It’s hard to know if that $1500 photographer is really worth it. Sure their pictures look great, but will yours? (yes, yes they will I swear but I know this is something people worry about) Find a few local photographers by searching on facebook or instagram and follow them well in advance because many book just a few shoots per month to ensure their clients get the best service.

I hope this was helpful! I know there are hundreds of photographers in the Portland area so help a friend out and share your latest family portrait session and tag your photographer. They would love the shoutout!

I still have a few spots left for November and early December if you’re looking for a family photographer. My family portrait sessions are all-inclusive which means you get all the digitals with print rights. Of course I have beautifully curated print products you can only get through a professional photographer if you are looking for an album or wall art for your home.

The best way to contact me is to use the Get Info For Your Photoshoot page.

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