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Year In Review 2020

This year was a doozie to put it lightly. This was my first full year full time in my business and it hasn’t been easy. One of the things I decided while we were in lockdown starting in March was to reframe my focus for the year. I had a feeling this wasn’t going to go away quickly and though I want to stay in business, the reason I left my full-time office job was to be more available for our son. He is in pre-k just a few hours a day so instead of pushing myself all day with him and working all night, I started taking nights off. Anyone that runs their own business knows that it could easily be a 24/7 job. The to-do list is never fully done and I’ve been a workaholic for years. So this year, with all the added stress I decided to give myself some grace.

Giving myself some time gave me the space to think about what I really want with my business. I’m planning for 2021 and I have something coming that I can’t wait to share. Something I’ve always wanted to do since I started taking portraits, was to show people how beautiful they truly are. To make them feel amazing during their photoshoot and to blow them away with their gorgeous portraits.

Seniors have been my first love because I remember feeling so insecure at that age. But growing older has me thinking about how women of all ages could feel empowered after a custom photoshoot. I want the moms of my seniors to come to me for portraits too. Or for seniors to come back when they graduate from college, when they are getting married or pregnant, when they turn 40 and 50. I want to be there for all the big moments in women’s lives and whenever they need to feel more themselves.

If you’re feeling drained by this year, I’d love to treat you to an amazing portrait session. You’ll get a complete makeover by my amazing hair and makeup artist and a photoshoot tailored to you and your interests. It’s so easy with the bustle of life to lose ourselves to our kids and work.

I’d love to have you be a part of my new facebook group. It’s women-only to keep it a safe and uplifting space. Come join and you’ll also get first access to my new portrait sessions that are starting in early 2021.

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