Custom Senior Portraits Class of 2022

What is a custom senior portrait?

My senior sessions are custom photoshoots designed for the senior and what they want from their images. So what does that mean and what can it look like?

What makes this different?

If you are just beginning your search for a photographer for senior pictures you’ll notice every photographer offers something different. Some offer a quick photoshoot at a nearby park with no prep or advice. And some offer longer photoshoots but every image looks the same no matter the person. I have been offering custom senior portraits since I started in 2011. My favorite sessions over the past decade have been the ones where I get to know the senior and her family. Even if you don’t have a clear vision of what you want, we’ll find that and create the photoshoot of your dreams.

Unique locations

Some seniors want multiple locations, like the city and a field, while others just want to spend a few hours exploring a location together. After you book your session we’ll set up a few zoom calls to plan your session. Then I’ll start searching for the perfect locations! I know tons of spots all over but I’ve found that parents and teens really love to see where we’ll be going. It can also help inspire outfit ideas!

Unlimited outfits

You’ll get my what to wear guide and we’ll also have a zoom a week or two before your photoshoot to talk about your outfits, accessories, props and hair and makeup. I hate limiting the number of outfits because your photoshoot is 2-3 hours, and really it will be the full time unless you say you wanna be done cause I will keep taking pictures until we run outta light! So bring your prom dress that you bought but didn’t get to wear. Bring your dad’s letterman’s jacket that you love wearing. Bring your uniform or props that represent your sports and activities from high school. These are important parts of you and deserve to be captured.

Professional Hair and Makeup

I work with hair and makeup professionals that can create a variety of looks. I’m so happy to include this for the Class of 2023 because it adds that extra pampering to your big day. And you won’t have to worry about a shaky hand doing your eyeliner or mascara! All you have to do is show up with a clean face and dry hair! So fun!


I’ve found seniors are pretty nervous before their photoshoot so chatting for a bit, asking any questions and getting a bit of reassurance can help your photoshoot be amazing. We’ll have a zoom 1-2 weeks before your photoshoot to go over all the final details. By then you’ve seen the locations, I’ll have sent you a timeline and if you are like me, you find planning reassuring. This is just more time for us to chat and get to know each other before your photoshoot and ask all those last-minute questions that pop up. Being in front of a camera is nerve-wracking so I want to do everything I can to reassure you that we are going to have the best time and take some truly beautiful portraits!

I’d love to learn what you are looking for from your senior portraits!

Please check out my portfolio to ensure that you like my style. My editing is clean and true to life colors, I don’t do crazy edits or extreme photoshop because I want you to see yourself in the pictures, not an altered version. My goal with senior portraits is to capture your real expressions so your pictures feel like you at this age.

When to book

For the Class of 2023, you want to book a summer or fall date. I’ve got incentives for booking before June 1st and weekend dates always go first! Have questions or want to book your date? Let’s Chat About Your Photoshoot!

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