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Top 20 Reasons for a Summer Photoshoot

This hot spell in early June has me so excited for summer sessions! Now is the time to book your summer photoshoot whether it’s for a Class of 2022 senior, an updated headshot, a sunset family session or even a custom women’s portrait session!

Here are my TOP 20 reasons to book a Summer Photoshoot in Portland

  1. The weather
  2. The light
  3. Did I mention little chance of rain?
  4. July Rose Garden sessions are always gorgeous!
  5. Tall wheatgrass fields in August
  6. Golden sunsets make everyone look gorgeous
  7. You deserve to exist in photos
  8. Everyone is photogenic (I truly believe this!)
  9. You can wear that gorgeous flowy dress that has been sitting in your closet
  10. Probably didn’t get family pictures last year
  11. Your babies are growing up so fast!
  12. Your baby is graduating from high school next year! Gah!
  13. You’ll get a ton of hugs and kisses from your kiddos at your shoot
  14. Fun excuse to get the family dressed up
  15. Have a date night after, even if it means bringing the kids
  16. Longer days
  17. A reason to buy that super cute outfit you’ve had your eye on
  18. Sunset over the city makes a great backdrop
  19. We’ll create images you’ll love
  20. Did I mention how good our weather is from June-August? Seriously!

In all seriousness, now is a great time to plan ahead. You’ll want time to find the perfect coordinating outfits for your family session, or time to plan your custom senior portrait session with me. Maybe your a busy professional and summer is a bit slower so it’s a great time to work on your branding images. Or maybe something totally different! Whatever you are thinking about capturing I would love to chat with you! Fill out the contact form and I’ll be in touch!

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