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Studio Portrait Season

It’s mid-November and I’m booking for December and beyond which means it’s time to stop obsessively checking the forecast to find a dry day and move everyone into the studio! I LOVE the studio! If you haven’t seen my studio work, please visit my portfolio! You can view the Studio Seniors as well as Professional Headshots, as most of them are done in the studio.

Studio Details

The studio is located in NW Portland, about 20 mins from Beaverton. There’s free and plentiful parking under the building and if all the spots were taken for some reason, street parking is free in this area. However, I’ve never seen all the spots filled. The building is secure which means you can’t just go up and visit the studio without someone bringing you up. Most of the time it’s me, but when I have a day of mini-sessions I often have an assistant that will bring you up.

What to Expect With a Studio Session

People think of studio photography like the mall studios with cheesy backdrops and artificial light. I take a more modern approach and aim for natural light, but bring lighting in case we need a boost. With all my sessions I like to have a mix of posed and candid shots, so I’ll pose you and then let things develop naturally. For headshots and seniors that means we’ll have a conversation while I coach you through the pose. For families, this means we try to get a few posed shots and then let the kids do what kids do and I’ll redirect them when needed.

Studio Sessions

The sessions that are most typical for the studio are Professional Headshots and Seniors. But I also love the studio for a family session when we have grandparents or elderly parents. The studio has elevators so if someone has difficulty walking, we can make it work. Every month I have one weekday morning for Headshot Mini Sessions, a great session to update your profile picture. Studio Senior Portraits typically book on weekends, or weekdays when there is no school. And family sessions usually book on weekends.

Studio Features

The studio has a wall of windows that give gorgeous natural light, even on the most overcast days. We have a beautiful view of the city and a few bridges on a clear day too! The studio has a variety of furniture we can use depending on your session. There are chairs, a couch, rugs to add warmth, a moveable wall that has a new color every quarter, and a variety of accessories to add dimension to your photos. We also have color backdrops and hand-painted canvas drapes for even more options!

When to Reach Out

Time of year can determine how far out I’m booking. Currently, I’m booking 4 weeks out, but if you reach out in January we can probably get you in within 2 weeks. Fall through early December is the busiest time of year for photographers!

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