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Spring Sessions

Spring is coming early, or so says Punxsutawney Phil. It’s early February but Spring is already booking for sessions at AGP! Spring is the season when I do a bunch of different sessions from senior pictures, family pictures, professional headshots, school portraits and a few special mini sessions too! Spring in Portland makes a beautiful backdrop with the rhododendrons blooming, the tulips, lupine, and gorgeous cherry blossoms!

Spring Seniors

Spring might not be the top season for senior pictures in Portland, but I LOVE the few I get every year. When a senior or their parent reaches out for a Spring Senior Portrait Session I know that means they really want to capture this time before graduation. Or maybe they did senior pictures last Fall and want to include their prom dress and cap and gown. And parents might want one last family portrait while everyone is under the same roof. Senior year is an important time to capture and I’d love to be your photographer!


Spring Family Sessions

Family Sessions in the Spring always makes me think of babies and bunnies. Maybe because just around Easter is when things get a bit more consistent weather-wise and I tend to get more young families wanting to capture the first few years. But I’d LOVE to photograph your family at any age. Maybe you got busy and never did an updated family picture last Fall or maybe it’s been YEARS. We take family portraits for so many reasons but the biggest reason I want to update ours every year is for our kiddo. He’ll have a family portrait every year that he can look back on. Plus I change my hair pretty regularly so it’s fun to see how much I’ve changed in this decade!


Spring Headshots

Headshots aren’t a seasonal session for me, they are pretty regular but I have found the last few years that I do a lot more corporate, team, and group headshots in the early Spring. If you haven’t checked it out, I have a new page with all the details when you need to organize headshots for a group of people. Generally, I book a few weeks out on weekdays. Or if you want to update your headshot, or get more images for your service-based business I’d love to help!


Special Sessions for Spring

Spring brings a few special sessions that only happen this time of year. The first is Mother’s Day Minis. These sessions are designed to capture you and your littles love for each other. And we can throw in your partner if you’d like. As a mom, I know how often it’s me taking the pictures and not IN the picture with my kiddo. And selfies are just not the same thing. Mother’s Day minis are happening in the NW Portland Studio and are currently open for booking if you are on my monthly newsletter. You’ll also get $100 off the session fee if you book early!


Cap and Gown Sessions happen in early May for the outgoing class of seniors. These are so much fun to celebrate your accomplishment and toss that cap high in the sky! Cap and Gown Sessions will be at either the Pearl District or a park in Tigard on different dates. These images are a wonderful way to wrap up senior year, create custom grad cards, and banners, and post on social media when it’s graduation day!

Cap and Gown Mini Sessions-Class of 2024-Seniors-AnnaGrafPhotography

BFF Mini Sessions are NEW this year! Some years I’ve done Prom Portraits but it’s such a rush for teens to get ready early, meet up for pics, and then run to their dinner reservations and then the dance. It’s just a lot. So this year we’re going to do BFF Mini Sessions! Grab your bestie, or besties, and we’ll do some fun pics together before you all go off to the future! And keep an eye on my IG stories, there might be another giveaway coming for this new one!

BFF Mini Sessions-Spring-Portland-Oregon-AnnaGrafPhotography-2024

Spring School Pictures

I don’t get many schools for Spring School Pictures, but sometimes it’s wonderful to go back to the same school from Fall. Most of the schools I do pictures at are private and have younger kids so in just 6 months they’ve changed and grown so much! New this Spring, schools can choose a different backdrop! In the past, I’ve done only black so I’m excited to see if my Spring Schools will want to change it up and try the new light beige or cloudy grey. If you run a small school of 20+ kids and would like to do graduation portraits, or maybe you didn’t find a photographer in the fall, I’d love to chat more about my process and get some amazing pictures for the families at your school.

School Picture Backdrop Options for 2024-AnnaGrafPhotography-School-Photographer-Portland-Oregon

Spring is such a wonderful feeling of a season. It always brings hope for change to me. I always want to learn and do more in the Spring and I’m sure this year will be no different. If you’d like to do a photoshoot but it doesn’t seem to fit any of the sessions listed above, reach out! I’d love to chat about what is important to you that we capture.

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