Prom on a Budget

Prom is one of those super fun experiences of your high school years. But it can also be crazy expensive. Between your dream dress, shoes, hair, makeup, nails and pictures, you could be looking at thousands. Check out my tips below to have a fab day getting ready and NOT breaking the bank.

  1. Hairstyle – Pinterest is a great place for inspiration but hairstylists can be $50-$100 for a complicated updo. Opt for a blowout to have shiny frizz-free hair for a lower price point.
  2. Nails – A full acrylic set can run well over $50. Instead of going to the nail salon, have your friends over and paint your own nails. Check out my Pinterest board for inspo.
  3. Professional makeup – while doing your own makeup is always an option, having it done by someone else always ends up looking better. Hiring a makeup artist to come to your home can run $200+. Instead, book a time at Sephora for a makeover. It’s free if you purchase $50 in products which isn’t that hard to do at Sephora.
  4. Dress – This is the big one. This is the dress you’ll remember whether you love it or hate it. I still have my prom dresses cause I loved them so much. My first one was hundreds, the second was $50 at Ross. Did anyone know? Nope! It was beautiful, fit well, and I loved it. Check out pinterest for inspo but check your local thrift stores, TJ Maxx, or Ross. Looking for even more affordable? Plan to go to Abby’s Closet for the prom dress giveaway!
  5. Pictures – After all this work, planning and prepping to look absolutely gorgeous for your Prom are you really going to trust your dad to take the best picture of you? Sorry dads, we know you mean well but you aren’t a photographer. Book a mini portrait session to have an amazing portrait of you looking your best! We’ll get all the details and you’ll love sharing the pics the next day! Prom portrait minis are $25 per person.

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