Parent Info for Senior Portraits

If you are a parent of a Junior or Senior in high school, Congrats!  I’m sure you have lots of q’s about senior pictures, when to take them, where to take them, how the yearbook pictures work…so many questions!  I’ve put together a lil FAQ for parents so you can know how all this works!  And of course if you have more q’s just email me and I’ll be happy to answer any question whether it’s specific to my business or senior pictures in general.

What are Senior Portraits?

Senior portraits are pictures taken to commemorate high school and capture a bit of the seniors personality and interests as they are today.

When do people take Senior Portraits?

Senior portraits are taken the summer before Senior year or sometimes as late as the Fall of Senior year.  It depends on the backdrop your senior wants. Would they like flowers and green grass? June/July would be perfect. Would they like tall wheat grass and golden light? August/September are the prime months. Would they risk a rainy shoot for fall color? October is the risky month! November/December/January are best in studio.

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When do people book their senior portrait photographer?

Generally its best to start looking the Spring of your Junior year and book your photographer before the end of the school year for best dates.

What should I look for in a senior portrait photographer?

Photography is subjective.  To figure out who will be best for you and your senior, look at who your teens friends and classmates have chosen.  Search instagram for hashtags like #yourhighschool or #yourtownseniorphotographer. Who’s work stands out to you?  Who sounds like someone you’ll get along with.  And always research the photographer beyond social media….they should have more than a facebook or instagram page if they are really legit.  If possible ask for a consultation to meet before deciding.

How much will this cost?

This is what everyone wants to know right?  AGP is a custom photography studio which means everything is custom to you. No two sessions will be alike. Get info about a senior session with me and then you can set up a phone call to chat about what you and your senior are looking for and we’ll discuss all the details over the phone so you can truly understand the investment in a custom portrait session.

Where do people take senior portraits?

This is why an experienced photographer is important. Do you want a big open field, a rustic barn, a river, flowers or maybe a more urban feel with glass buildings and cool textures in the background?  An experienced photographer will know the best places with the features your teen wants.

Where NOT to take senior portraits?

There are 2 big NO-NO’s when it comes to senior portraits and every year I see seniors risking their lives with these two examples.  Please do not take pictures on railroad tracks or in the middle of a busy street.  These are both very unsafe environments that put both the senior and the photographer at risk.  (and they are super cliche and you aren’t cliche are you?)

How does the yearbook image work?

Your senior will get information at the beginning of their senior year with the details on how to submit the yearbook image. I submit the image to your high school when you work with AGP!

Have more Q’s?   Shoot me an email and I’ll be happy to answer any questions!  

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