Anna Graf Portrait Photographer-Beaverton-Oregon-2023

My Dream shoot concepts

For some reason in August I get super reflective about the year. I guess I know by the time school starts the rest of the year goes by in a blink. Fall is the most insane time of year and I work 7 days a week to keep up on editing, client communication, and shoots with seniors, families, headshots, and school portraits for over 1,000 kids.

And right now I’m thinking about all the shoots I wanted to do this year but didn’t get a chance because I didn’t put it out there enough. So I made a list! If a session on this list speaks to you, please reach out to me. Some of these I’ve done in the past and just haven’t had a session like it in a while, and others I’ve wanted to do for years but haven’t had a client that wanted to. I plan to add more to this list by the new year and try to come up with 12 shoot concepts per year that I want to do.

The shoot concepts

  • Gender affirmation session – I want to celebrate YOU
  • Love is Love – Pride couple sessions to celebrate your love
  • Project Beauty for teens – no makeup, natural light in the studio, and all images in b&w
  • Senior session in a sunflower field
  • Senior session with your horse at a stable
  • Senior session in the studio – a dancer with flowy silks and studio lighting
  • Senior in the studio – bold graphic clothing and solid color backdrops – editorial style posing
  • Gothic/Halloween boudoir session
  • Valentine’s boudoir session with all red, pink, and white outfits and sets
  • Maternity session in studio only – modern glam with studio lighting and flowy silks

Do any of these concepts speak to you? Have your own dream photoshoot concept? Please reach out to me! I’d love to chat about what you want to capture and what it means to you!

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