Marilyn Monroe Inspired Shoot

If you follow my Instagram or Facebook page you’ve been seeing Cassidy’s Marilyn Monroe inspired photoshoot from last month.

Cassidy was part of my Class of 2019 Senior Squad and she’s also just the sweetest person ever. She’s a super talented makeup artist, she’s done makeup for her high school theater department

Last fall I met up with Cassidy and her mom to deliver her senior picture collection and she mentioned an idea of a Marilyn Monroe shoot and I kept that in the back of my brain.

But life got busy for me and Cassidy. She was busy finishing senior year and working and I was trying to ramp up to quit my office job. But we finally found a date in July that worked!

I thought we’d spend an hour or so but when Cassidy showed me all the outfits….I knew we were in for hours! I can’t even tell you how many shots I took that day but it was over 4 digits. And!

I’m new to using a strobe, I just got it this January and have loved learning how to use studio lighting. I couldn’t imagine this shoot without it!

I’m sure I’ve said this before but very few people are instantly comfortable and themselves in front of the camera. Often people freeze and get hyper-critical of themselves, I know I do when I’m on the other side. But Cassidy seems to become more of herself. She has no fear, she just knows how to move her body after she hears the shutter and it is such magic.

I might have posed Cassidy twice in this entire shoot. This is all her and I’m so happy I got to be a part of this shoot. Have you ever wanted to do a styled shoot like this? It’s so much fun to pick out outfits, get dolled up and take some truly amazing photos! I’d love to chat about your photoshoot ideas!

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