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I don’t know about you but I’ve become a bit tired of having to feed the social media beasts. Everyone is doing it and yet the reach to our ideal clients, customers and businesses seems to be smaller than ever before.

As a photographer, you’d think I have the best position because I have thousands of images to share. Of course, I do, but it takes so much time to format the images, create the perfect caption, and then only 30-70 people see the post. I’ve been batching content where I schedule out a month or so in advance, but it just feels like I’m working harder than I need to. I get a lot of bots, “promote it on ______”, and people from other countries that just aren’t my ideal clients. So I’ve kept my follower number low, if you follow me on IG, tiktok or facebook I look at your profile to see if you are a real person. I don’t want to buy followers, I rarely promote my posts, so it feels tough when you aren’t the loudest, most extreme person. I’m a middle-aged mom from the burbs. I don’t want to participate in rage-farming, or misinformation just to get more eyeballs on my work. I love and accept all people as they are and want everyone to feel that.

The platform that I struggled with most was Instagram. It hasn’t felt great since all the changes a year or more ago. But I didn’t have an alternative. Most of my time on social media is spent on tiktok and early September a social media expert popped up on my fyp. She had a “social media strategy for 2023” but since it was already September I figured it couldn’t hurt to see if she had anything different to say. And she did.

Amanda of The Wolfe Co. created a course detailing her “instasite” and at first glance it looks like just setting up a pretty grid but there’s so much more to it. She gives away a ton of tips in her tiktok and Instagram stories but I wanted more of the process behind the pretty. She just updated the course and it wasn’t expensive so I bought it. I dove straight in and got it all set up in a week. I LOVE how my IG looks now. Plus, no more feeding content into the feed that literally no one is scrolling anymore. It’s a different strategy and you’ll need to buy the course to get the full picture, but ya. I’m actually excited about social media again. This feels like it could be just different enough to work. And work for any industry. And just to be clear, I was not asked to do this post, I don’t make any money from promoting this course, I just thought it was so different that I wanted to share.

If you’ve been struggling with having enough content to feed social media, or if you are setting up your own instasite and want images for it, reach out. I’d love to help you create custom images that represent your services, products or company. I know how tough it is to keep up with all that is out there on social media AND run a business too, it shouldn’t be as hard as it has been!

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