Last month to save on Class of 2024 senior pictures with Anna Graf Photography, Portland Oregon

Last Month to save on senior pictures

It’s May 1st, so you have exactly ONE MONTH left to save $200 off your session fee for senior pictures. Class of 2024 this is the perfect time to find your photographer, pick a date and have this exciting event in your future! I’m so excited to start planning your custom senior picture photoshoot!

Where do I get more info?

If you have checked out the Senior Pictures page, the next step is to fill out Get Info For your Photoshoot. Be sure to select your graduating class year and you’ll get an automated email. This email has some info and most importantly a link to the Senior Portrait Magazine. That’s where ALL the info on a custom senior picture photoshoot can be found. You’ll read about the experience, and testimonials, see images of seniors from previous years, and the full price list. You’ll want to go through this digital magazine with all the decision makers and it’s best viewed on a tablet or desktop.

Senior picture information with Anna Graf Photography, Portland Oregon Photographer

Once you are sure I’m the right photographer for you, send me an email that you’d like a link to the booking calendar. You’ll be able to view the remaining dates to choose what works best with your schedule. The booking calendar will take you through the standard contract and an invoice for the session fee. This is where you’ll get $200 off when you book BEFORE June 1st. Normally the session fee is $499. If you book before June 1st it’s $299!

What Is Included?

The session fee includes your hair and makeup artist and my time to plan your photoshoot. No images are included. This is why it’s super important for you to look at the price list. I’d hate for us to get to the end and for you to feel like you didn’t understand the full investment. Pre-payment plans are super popular to spread out the expense.

I’m just not ready to decide

I get it, senior pictures are a big rite of passage and you want them to be perfect. It’s why my sessions are custom. So that we can work together to figure out what you really want. I have specialized in senior pictures since 2011 and am so happy to walk you through this process to get images you truly love. You don’t have to do this on your own!

What if I don’t know what date to book?

Reach out! Let me know what you are thinking and I can help give you some options. Like if you think you’ll want to go to a sunflower field, we can choose a late August date. Or maybe you want some fall color in the trees, you’ll wanna book as late in October as you can. I’m so happy to help!

I just can’t afford it

If you’ve flipped through the Senior Portrait Magazine, love my work but can’t afford the custom shoot investment make sure you are signed up for my newsletter. I’ll have some limited Simple Senior Sessions happening in September and October. These won’t be custom photoshoots. I’ll have set dates and locations and hair and makeup won’t be included. These will be announced only through the newsletter after June 1st.

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