How Will You Show Off Your New Pictures?

Often when I meet with people about pictures, they are concerned with what to wear, how they will know how to pose and if they will look good in the photos. When I ask about how they would like to show off their images, most people say they want to share online.  I totally get that, but take a look around your living room and dining room.  Do you have current pictures framed and on the wall?

No? You are totally normal! I’m a photographer and the photos on the walls of our dining room are from last summer!  Yikes. My little guy has grown a ton since then!

When you’re investing in a professional photographer it’s important to take advantage of all they can do for you. Pro photographers have access to professional photo labs with prints and products exclusive to photographers.

If you’ve had a shoot with me you know that I’m all about making things simple and easy for you. I know how hard it is to get new images on the walls so for family sessions I offer every print matted and ready to put in a frame. Done and done!

Matted Professional Prints from Anna Graf Photography

Matts come in a variety of textures from modern wood texture or traditional v groove. And you can upgrade to a Signature Reveal Box, handmade in Italy.  Vegan leather has a soft feel and comes in a variety of colors to suit your personal style.  The box will show off your favorite picture and you can add to the box with future photoshoots.  Such a beautiful piece and no nails required! And don’t worry, I have digitals available in collections so that you can show off how adorable your family is online!

How would you like to show off your new pictures?  My goal for every client is to enjoy your new beautiful pictures on the walls of your home for years to come.


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