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How to take your own Prom portraits

It’s been a few years since I’ve offered Prom Portraits. The hardest part is that I can’t photograph everyone! There’s so much scheduling involved with getting ready, dinner plans and then making it to the venue on time. Plus a lot of teens go in groups so it’s not just planning it out with one person, it’s usually a group!

So I thought I’d offer some advice to parents and teens to take some killer prom portraits this year! These are my top tips as a professional photographer that LOVES capturing this special night in your life!

Find Good Light

  • Lighting is key. If you are inside a house, light can be tough. Avoid overhead lighting. Go near a window to get some light on the face of your subject. If you can, I highly recommend heading outside. Find some open shade, not direct light, for the most flattering light. I love to play with backlighting, but I use a reflector to give it this look.
Prom Portrait Tip - Find Good Light

prom posing

  • Give hands a purpose. Hands tend to float away from the body or make an odd shape. So put them in a pocket, on a shoulder, touch your hair, necklace… something that is a natural movement. This can take an awkward picture to a better one!
Prom Portrait Tip - Give hands a purpose

Try movement

  • A stiff prom pose might be a classic but try to get some movement in! Involve your bestie or date and have them give you a twirl if you have a flowy dress. It’s a more candid shot too!
Prom Portrait Tip-Try Movement

capture the details

  • Be sure to capture all the little details. Your corsage, makeup, nails, shoes, all the little details that make prom so special! And get all the combos… with dates, all the girls, all the guys, serious and silly expressions too.
Prom Portrait Tip - Capture all the details

Prom can go by in a blur! There is so much preparation from finding your perfect dress, getting your hair, nails, and makeup done. Planning the schedule for getting ready with friends, going out to dinner or maybe going to a friend’s house with a group. And then getting to Prom when it starts, it’s a whirlwind of a day! I just love giving my teen clients gorgeous images to remember their prom. I hope you have an amazing night and take some pictures you’ll cherish!

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