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Fall Senior Mini Sessions

It’s the beginning of August but it feels like Fall will be here in a blink! My kiddo starts at elementary school at the end of this month, all my schools have booked dates for school portraits and I’ve got parents of high school seniors wanting to book affordable senior pictures. So I’ve added TWO dates in the fall for the MOST AFFORDABLE SENIOR PICTURES I’ve offered in years!

what is a senior mini session?

A senior mini session is a 20 min photoshoot. These are at set locations and times because I book them back to back. You’ll get posing guidance through the session while we focus on getting you a great yearbook photo. Within a week of your session you’ll get a link to your online gallery to view your images and select your favorite. One digital download is included so you can submit that to your high school. Of course you can purchase additional images, professional prints or even wall art through your online gallery. There is no minimum purchase for this session.

Yearbook information

If you didn’t know, most high school seniors need their photo taken to submit to the yearbook. Ya ya, you could use your school ID picture, but we all know those aren’t the most flattering pictures and you certainly don’t get a say in which one they pick. Plus you’re going to be in color in the yearbook to look back on years in the future so let’s get you a great portrait that you will love when you are in your golden years.

Every high school has a different date for the yearbook submission, some are late September and others are as late as February of next year! Seriously, that is so nice to not have to rush! But I would argue you want to do pictures with the season and location that speaks to you. The backdrop of your photos is important.

dates and locations

I’ve got TWO dates with TWO different locations for Fall Senior Mini Sessions. Sunday, September 24th will be in the Pearl District and Saturday, October 14th will be at Jenkins Estate in Beaverton. So you’ll have to let me know, are you more of a city person or more of a nature person? Both are my fav spots to go for pictures but can give very different vibes to your photos. UPDATE! 9/24 WAS RAINED OUT AND IS NOW HAPPENING ON 10/8

how many spots are available

There are 5 spots for each date but if we fill up I can add in earlier times. Or if these dates don’t work for you, grab 2 friends and reach out to me. I’m happy to find a date and time that works if there are at least 3 that book back to back. You’ll each get your 20 min session and we’ll grab some pics of you and your besties!

fill out the form below for more info to book

And as always, feel free to shoot me an email at if you have any questions!

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  1. Hi there,
    We’re interested in doing senior pictures at Jenkins estate. Do you still have availability? What’s your pricing?
    Thank you,
    Darla Tolls

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