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Birthdays and Milestone Photoshoots

At AGP I’m always looking for something new to spark creativity; in the last year I’ve started two new sessions to help with that! If you know my work, you know that I do school portraits for private schools all over Portland. The age range for these kiddos is just a few weeks old to teenagers, and they all love to feel special. A photoshoot to celebrate a birthday or your baby’s milestones is the perfect way to capture this special time.

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I do birthday pictures for my own kiddo every year so I’m so excited to do this for everyone else now! Some kiddos won’t fall into development for the months, so if you want to capture tummy-time, sitting, crawling, and walking stages, that works too! You know them best and what is most important to you that we capture at a photoshoot. It’s always so fun to see the kiddos every few months during that first year and to capture the big 1-year-old birthday portrait! So special!

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Birthday Sessions

We’ve been talking babies, but birthdays can be any age. Literally! I’ve had family sessions where it’s Mom’s birthday and she’s been begging for family photos for years. It’s all about making her feel special! She gets amazing family pictures and of course, we’ll do some of just her! Or maybe you have a pre-teen and want to capture them before the teen years! Twelve is such a fun age to capture and see the difference in their senior pictures at seventeen. Please someone book this cause it would be so amazing! So much changes between those years! Or mabye every year you want a portrait of your little from 1, 2, 3 and beyond to put up on the walls of your home. So fun to see them captured at every age!

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NW Portland Studio

All of these sessions take place at the NW Portland Studio. It is about 20 minutes from Beaverton with free and plentiful parking. The best part of the studio is that we can work around nap schedules, sports schedules on weekends, or all the things that we find ourselves busy with our kiddos on weekends. Even better if a weekday morning could work! The studio has a full wall of windows for the most beautiful light, even on a rainy and overcast day. White walls and simple and a variety of furniture for your photoshoot. I couldn’t love the space more!

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When to Reach Out

If you have a specific date we are working with, birthday coming up, milestone happening, reach out sooner than later. I’m currently booking a month in advance but by Fall I’ll be months out. I’ve already had people book their fall sessions because they wanted to ensure they got a photoshoot with me. Fall is the busiest season for photographers and I rarely get a day off from September through early December. So if you’re expecting, have just given birth or in the trenches of the first year, reach out! I’d love to capture your most precious littles!

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