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2023 Fall School Picture Wrap Up

It’s mid-December so it’s time for some wrap-ups for 2023! School Picture season is September through early November and this year was as busy as they come! I was lucky enough to be the school picture photographer for 6 private schools this year and 3 of them I’ve been with for FIVE years!

School Pictures-Montessori-Portland-Oregon-AnnaGrafPhotography-2023-17
School Pictures-Montessori-Portland-Oregon-AnnaGrafPhotography-2023-18
School Pictures-Montessori-Portland-Oregon-AnnaGrafPhotography-2023-16

I LOVE school pictures so much! Several kiddos it was my last year as their school photographer and I’d be lying if it didn’t get me choked up. Seems silly, I see them for a few minutes for their pictures but I’ve gotten to know them and see them grow up. Some of the kiddos I photographed for the first time when they were a few months old! And every year there are new babies, then the babies grow up to be toddlers and are afraid of me, and then I get to see them the next year when they are a bit older and their personality comes out! Did I mention how much I love this part of my job?

School Pictures-Montessori-Portland-Oregon-AnnaGrafPhotography-2023-14
School Pictures-Montessori-Portland-Oregon-AnnaGrafPhotography-2023-12
School Pictures-Montessori-Portland-Oregon-AnnaGrafPhotography-2023-2

School pictures with me aren’t your traditional one-shot school picture. Each kiddo gets a small gallery of images in color and black and white for parents to choose from. My goal is to get a variety of expressions that capture a bit of who they are. I ask silly questions about food they might like and throw a curveball asking if they like pickles on ice cream. Some give me huge expressions of silliness, others disgust, and some have even said they liked it! Who knew?

School Pictures-Montessori-Portland-Oregon-AnnaGrafPhotography-2023-13
School Pictures-Montessori-Portland-Oregon-AnnaGrafPhotography-2023-15
School Pictures-Montessori-Portland-Oregon-AnnaGrafPhotography-2023-11

My go-to is always asking them to say “COOKIES”, it makes a great smile!

School Pictures-Montessori-Portland-Oregon-AnnaGrafPhotography-2023-10
School Pictures-Montessori-Portland-Oregon-AnnaGrafPhotography-2023-4
School Pictures-Montessori-Portland-Oregon-AnnaGrafPhotography-2023-8

And I always have a monkey on my lens to ask them “Where’s the monkey?” This year I asked what monkeys eat and found that “banana” makes some pretty great smiles too!

School Pictures-Montessori-Portland-Oregon-AnnaGrafPhotography-2023-9
School Pictures-Montessori-Portland-Oregon-AnnaGrafPhotography-2023-7
School Pictures-Montessori-Portland-Oregon-AnnaGrafPhotography-2023-6

HUGE thank you to all the parents who signed the Minor Model Release this year. Out of six schools I got releases for over 100 kiddos! That’s the most ever! I never share any information about the kiddos, just their adorable pictures. So thank you again parents! I love to be able to share my work!

School Pictures-Montessori-Portland-Oregon-AnnaGrafPhotography-2023-1
School Pictures-Montessori-Portland-Oregon-AnnaGrafPhotography-2023-3
School Pictures-Montessori-Portland-Oregon-AnnaGrafPhotography-2023-2

If your kiddo goes to a private school and you don’t love the school pictures, reach out. I’m currently booking Spring School Pictures for schools with 30-200 students. Send me an email with your name, the name of the school and I’ll reach out!

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