2021 School Portrait Wrap up

The fall season for school portraits has wrapped up and WOW was this the busiest season of them all! I’ve been doing school portraits since Fall of 2019. Back then, I started with 3 small schools that were about 150 kids total for a month. And am so grateful that they all keep asking me back!

Fall of 2020, things were quite a bit different and several decided to not do portraits, I think I had about 75 kids at 2 schools that season. In Spring of 2021, schools that didn’t do pics in the Fall wanted them before school let out. I had 4 schools in the Spring that kept me busy with just over 200 kiddos.

Over the summer a few new schools found me and I added more new schools to my fall calendar and took school portraits for just under 1,000 kids! I didn’t sleep much in October. I’m still kinda in disbelief that I did that many portraits but I have the full hard drives to prove it!

Every school portrait session I try to get a variety of expressions from the kiddos. Some are super excited for picture day and others maybe not so much. All of the images come in color and black and white for parents to choose from. I especially love the black and white photos for a timeless look in your home. I’m doing that for my own kiddo as he’s growing up! Huge thank you to all the parents that signed the minor model release form to allow me to share these adorable faces!

School-Portraits-with-Anna-Graf-Photography-2021-Garden Home Oregon
School-Portraits-with-Anna-Graf-Photography-2021-Tigard Oregon
School-Portraits-with-Anna-Graf-Photography-2021-Beaverton Oregon
School-Portraits-with-Anna-Graf-Photography-2021-Portland Oregon

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